FK-Galerie, Berlin & SomaS Art House, Berlin


Performance, Installation, Intervention, Co-curation

Enter the “Cybopticon” where you can occupy the role of observer and participant, voyeur and exhibitionist, audience and performer.

Four cyber characters: (Elly Clarke, Esben Holk, Lena Chen, Stephanie Ballantine) appear in the material world, offering you an array of personalized services that range from the mundane to the erotic. Broadcasting from inside a cam studio the cliant must purchase a service to be given access to the Cybopticon at 

Installation featuring works from guest artists: Zlena Van Lunarem, Mange Debauch, Wie Ingeborg, Kate Spence, Veronica Jonsson, Marie Wengler, Voin de Voin, Makode Aj Linde, Jackee Word, Cathy Wade, Lula Rodriguez

Press: Wicked Hag-Crush Fiction



The Hysterical Oracle Book


To be published.
Soft Cover 
Paper: Munkin Polar 150gm 
80 pages 
Designed by Regine Rack
Printed by Zack Helwa
Bound by Rada Nastai 


Basementartsproject Leeds, UK

The Hysterical Oracle 

Performance, Installation, Video, Photography

The cry of the oracle has been drowned out by the flooding of information and technology. the image of the hysterical is displayed and shared on social media, we laugh at those who cannot connect the sentences. who is out of their own condition. The hysterical without vision are risen to the place of the highest order. the oracle is the technology database that controls the connection and availability of information.
hysteria is contained to fiction- we sanitise and normalise what was before medicalised
the oracle no longer shakes and shivers, no longer sees in between the lines.
if the oracle defines themselves as such, they are hystericalised.


FK-Gallerie, Berlin

The Blind Curator

Co-conceptualiser, Producer 

FK-Kollektiv’s exhibition ‘The Blind Curator’ was an unique topographical presentation thats aim was to redefine the curatorial process,

Through an open call, images were submitted before the event and prints brought directly to the event on the broad themes of; ‘Location’, ‘People’ and ‘Memory’. Every photograph was exhibited that has been submitted. The end number of photographs came to 174.

The blindfolded curator was handed each photograph and placed the image on the exhibition wall, thus beginning the creation of an ever-evolving memory-map.

The next step is then offered the audience, who create connections between the scattered photographs by joining them by the use of string, thus fabricating a shared consciousness of the individual memory snaps.

The fabricated network which weave the scattered photographs together, becomes a reflection of the constructed joint consciousness the collaboration has produced, aiming to link, question and clarify connections and divergences.


Æther Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria


Love is the extremely difficult realisation that someone other than oneself is real

    Installation, Performance, Photography, Sculpure, Video, Sound

    Solo exhibition In collaboration with Zack Helwa. This definition is in itself a formula; A tragic, painful realisation that we are separate, we are alone, and that our existence is a mortal one. The formula for "Love is..." departure from the ideal we have imagined, ingested and devised and to embark on the painful exercise of overcoming one’s flawed self.
    The formula for love is a process of acceptance. Acceptance of separation, acceptance of The Void acceptance that there is no pre-existing harmony in which we can simply step into. Oneself is I and falling in love makes us realise what can never be understood in ourself. Alone in our sleep the process of acceptance is like the process of waking up, it happens again and again and we cannot say when it begins and ends. The mechanism for love is a tragic acceptance, one filled with joy and exhilaration, one filled with longing and loneliness, one that gives you a chance to see yourself in your best and worst capacities.

    Press: Kaltblut