FK-Galerie, Berlin & SomaS Art House, Berlin


Performance, Installation, Intervention, Co-curation

Enter the “Cybopticon” where you can occupy the role of observer and participant, voyeur and exhibitionist, audience and performer.

Four cyber characters: (Elly Clarke, Esben Holk, Lena Chen, Stephanie Ballantine) appear in the material world, offering you an array of personalized services that range from the mundane to the erotic. Broadcasting from inside a cam studio the cliant must purchase a service to be given access to the Cybopticon at 

Installation featuring works from guest artists: Zlena Van Lunarem, Mange Debauch, Wie Ingeborg, Kate Spence, Veronica Jonsson, Marie Wengler, Voin de Voin, Makode Aj Linde, Jackee Word, Cathy Wade, Lula Rodriguez

Press: Wicked Hag-Crush Fiction