GEGANkino exhibition ‘Viagina’ Leipzig filmfestival, Leipzig


Performance Video 

Shown In GEGANkino exhibition ‘Viagina’, projection; hanging screen, April 2015
made as collective: ‘The Theatre of the Absurd Fetlife Goddess Group.

Linespacing is a performance for video from ‘The Theatre of the Absurd Fetlife Goddess Group.’ The Berlin-based transfeminist, pancosmic artist collective consisting of Mikala Hyldig Dal and Stephanie Ballantine. This piece exposes the delicate, seductive, compulsive and potentially destructive dynamic of connection. Stopping the breath, releasing it, ‘taking’ the feeling of suffocation, the players delve into it; pursing a presence in the body: a succumbing. Subtle lines are drawn and pushed, the space inbetween is formalised. Awareness within the two players bounces between present sensation, communication, and the gaze as a mirror.